Sunday, March 31, 2013

city guides for medical spouses

New here? Welcome to the internet's finest resource for medical spouses. The goal: to be a place to both offer helpful advice and make you smile and nod your head and be all yep, I've been there. If you're looking to whine, well, fine, you can do that here. But hopefully the true-to-life comics and fun freebies will make you forget that you never see that doctor you married all your cares. 

Old friend? Yeah, sorry again for dropping off the face of the Earth. I left this blog alone for so long that it started getting spam comments. How embarrassing.  

Anyway, a goal I've had since starting this blog is to crowd-source a comprehensive-ish set of city guides, encompassing the things medical spouses want to know (but can't easily find on Wikipedia) before they move. I've gotten a lot of e-mails expressing interest in helping out, and now I've finally got a template.

These questions are based on what a group of medical spouses said they would want to know in the comments of this post. I left out things that could be easily gleaned from Wikipedia or FREIDA.

If you want to fill one out, just copy and paste the following into an e-mail, fill it out, and send to And if you have any photos to illustrate your points, I'd love to include those. Maybe one day there will be a form. #DREAMBIG

(All fields -- well, except the name of the city and the residency program -- are optional!)

Your name: 

Your blog name: 
Years in city:

City basics
City name: 
How's the cost of living compared to residency salary?
Best neighborhoods for residents [specify which residency program]:
Do you need a car, or can you rely on public transportation?
What's the job market like (for the spouse): 

How family friendly is the residency program? (Specify which hospital/specialty) Note: there isn't really a specific way to rate this, so any anecdotal thoughts are welcome!
Is there a spouses' group, or any other family resources?

What are the best school districts?
What are the day care options?
What are options for kid-friendly activities?

How's the culture?
And the restaurant scene?
What's the shopping like?
How active is the city? Are there a lot of outdoor options?

How would you describe the vibe? 
What is the best part of this city/the residency program from your perspective?
What is the worst part of this city/the residency program from your perspective?
Is it close to a Target? (frequently requested question!)
Is it a Costco or a Sam's kind of place? 

Any other comments?

I'm off to start filling out the questionnaire -- I hope you will too!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

um, hi.

You guys.

I have done an amazing job of providing resources to you.

(In case you're not fluent in sarcasm, that was sarcasm.)

I can't believe I went MIA right in the middle of match season. Worst. Blogger. Ever. Don't worry, though, I'm not gone forever. Just trying to work out a schedule around here -- blogging isn't as easy as it was before we moved. I have a busy job, and a long-ish commute, and of course, there are precious moments to spend with the resident when he's around.

But I'll get into a rhythm. Bear with me. 

Hope you're all doing well!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Flashback February 22 - March 1

I've been blogging about this weird med school/residency journey for almost three years. Every Friday, I'll bring you insight from years past (you know, in case you missed my oh-so-important recap of med school prom or what have you).

One year ago (Y is a 4th year, and Match Day anticipation is building):

What medical adventures were you getting into one year ago this week? Two years ago? 5 years ago? Share your link in the comments!