I want to change the world. And by that I mean I want to make it so that when your medical student/resident/fellow says, "I really liked the residency program/fellowship program/job opportunity in Anytown, USA" you don't have to rely on the Wikipedia page for Anytown, USA. (Although those demographics are downright thrilling.) 

Coming soon: city guides put together by the medical spouses that live there. 

Want to contribute? There's a few ways!

1. Maybe you want to highlight a part of your city that you really love?
2. Or take us on a tour of your city?
3. Or, you can fill out the city guide survey below, attach a few pictures, and send it to medicinealovestory@gmail.com!
(All fields -- well, except the name of the city and the residency program -- are optional!)

Your name: 

Your blog name: 
Years in city:

City basics
City name: 
How's the cost of living compared to residency salary?
Best neighborhoods for residents [specify which residency program]:
Do you need a car, or can you rely on public transportation?
What's the job market like (for the spouse): 

Residency or Med School
How family friendly is the residency/med school program? (Specify which hospital/specialty) Note: there isn't really a specific way to rate this, so any anecdotal thoughts are welcome!
Is there a spouses' group, or any other family resources?

What are the best school districts?
What are the day care options?
What are options for kid-friendly activities?

How's the culture?
And the restaurant scene?
What's the shopping like?
How active is the city? Are there a lot of outdoor options?

How would you describe the vibe? 
What is the best part of this city/the residency program from your perspective?
What is the worst part of this city/the residency program from your perspective?
Is it close to a Target? (frequently requested question!)
Is it a Costco or a Sam's kind of place? 

Any other comments?


  1. This is an awesome idea!! We are currently going through the match process...and it has been tricky to find good info on some cities!