Sunday, February 10, 2013

back in the blogging game

I was MIA last week; I'm sure you all understand: Y went from being on a tough rotation, where he was rarely home, to a consult month. 8 to 5, weekends off. Although it's obviously nice to, you know, actually SEE him, I find it really difficult to adjust to not having so much free time.

This Thursday, in honor of Valentine's Day, our link up topic will be the story of how you met your medical man. (Or woman. But so far, I've only heard about women in relationships with men who read this blog. Am I wrong?) 

Can't wait to read some love stories!


  1. Isn't it silly how that works - when Peter's on a tough rotation I wish he were around, but I get so busy entertaining myself that I find it a little difficult to make time once he finally is! But still... enjoy!! Hope you had a date night or something with that fee weekend.

  2. my hubby and I always seem to butt heads the first day he's home after being on a busy rotation.... it's like it takes a day to get back to functioning like a normal couple

  3. Haha, we're totally like that too... making the adjustment to having him around more can be kinda rough. It's not that we don't want him around, it's just that we get used to doing things our own way, then they come throw themselves in the mix & we have to adjust again! I always feel like I can't get anything done when he's home a lot. He always wants me to "sit with him" & I'm used to running around doing things all day.

  4. I find it hard when Russ goes from working a lot of later hours to being home when I get home. I feel bad that it's hard, because it shouldn't be! But I get myself into a routine (which I love) when he works those later hours and having to give up that routine makes me cranky. I try to adjust but then it's back to the later hours and then I'm struggling again to find that routine that I oh-so-loved before!

    SO glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!