Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thursday's link up topic

By the end of this week, fourth year med students will have turned in their rank lists and they'll just be...waiting. I can tell you firsthand, IT. IS. EXCRUCIATING. (And probably 800x worse for the actual student). 

On Thursday, let's link up and tell those who are going through it how we dealt with the excruciating hellish terrible it's not so bad? few weeks before match day. 


  1. I get a giant pit in my stomach just thinking back to the match! I'm not sure why I found it so traumatic - I knew no matter what was on his piece of paper, we were heading into 4 years of long-distance marriage. I guess knowing it in the back of my head and seeing it on a piece of paper are two different things!

  2. in this right now. LOVE your blog! I am pretty sure I am actually freaking out more than my future doc husband.