Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Flashback: January 12-18

I've been blogging about this weird med school/residency journey for almost three years. Every Friday, I'll bring you insight from years past (you know, in case you missed my oh-so-important recap of med school prom or what have you).

One year ago (Y is a 4th year, and I'm finally able to go with him on a few residency interviews):

What medical adventures were you getting into one year ago this week? Two years ago? 5 years ago? Share your link in the comments!


  1. Haha, great stories! I didn't go on any interviews with B, but I am planning on going on some when he interviews for fellowship later this year (speaking of... whaaaa? We're doing this AGAIN, I feel like we just did this!) Sounds like you had some interesting adventures!

  2. I love what you're doing here on this site! I'll have to link up next week :) Interviewing for residency seems like a million years ago. I only got to go to two of his interviews. I just keep trying to think about where I will be one year from now...finally done with training!!!

  3. Things change so fast in a year during medical school! My hubby is now in his 4th year... Two years ago, we were looking at his 3rd year schedule (! I was so excited for him to get started... and then six months later... I was crying ( At least now I know what to expect... not sure I am prepared though...