Thursday, January 3, 2013

linking it up

Starting next week, Medicine: A Love Story will host a link up every Thursday! I haven't thought of a clever name -- weird, since that's usually my favorite part of anything -- but I hope it will come to me in the shower, or, you know, in an e-mail from one of you, maybe? ;)

Here's how it will work: A topic will be posted here the Thursday before the link up, giving you a week to think about what you want to write. On the day of the link up, I'll post a little widget over here. After you write your post, you can put your link in the widget and it will show up here so all the world can find your blog. (Yes, all the world reads this blog.)

Here's the topic for January 10th, since I know we've all dealt with a zombie doc: What's the craziest conversation/experience you've had as a result of sleep deprivation?

I hope you'll play along, and I would love to hear your ideas for future link ups! What have you been dying to know or share?


  1. I will be there for sure! Stop by the Medical Monday blog hop on 1/7/13 - you may find some new readers to link with there.

  2. I love this- can't wait for this Thursday!