Thursday, January 10, 2013

Medicine: YOUR love story

Okay people, let's hear it: What's the craziest/funniest conversation/experience you've had as a result of sleep deprivation?

Tell us all about it on your blog, then enter your link into the widget [sidenote: I'm so excited that we've started using the word widget in everyday conversation] and don't forget to slap the button at the bottom of the page up on your post!

No blog? No worries! Tell us a story (anonymous or not) in the comments! 


Here are two recent conversations that made me laugh:

Y and I are watching an Auburn football game. 

Y, yawning: What are Auburn's colors?

Me: Navy and orange.

Y: But what are their colors?

Me: Navy and orange....

Y: No, what are their colors?


Y: Right.

Y: But what color are they?


Y mumbles unintelligibly while sleeping

Me: What did you say?

Y: I wasn't talking to you.

Me: Who were you talking to?

Y: The people.

Me: What people?

Y: The sick people. 

Y rolls over as I get into bed.

Y: Did you know what they changed John Hancock's name to John Footpenis?


Your turn!

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  1. Ohhh I've gotta think of a good one!!! I'll come back tomorrow to link :)

  2. This is hysterical!! And... WAR EAGLE.

    1. I have found, like, 3 Auburn fan bloggers since starting this blog! I wonder if you all know each other?

      I am decidedly NOT an Auburn fan ;) Geaux Tigers!!

  3. New reader and I LOVE your blog! We're MSIV in Oklahoma and are getting ready for the match process.... ugh

    1. Nice to meet you! Yeah, I'd say ugh is right. It was actually super fun and exciting, but I don't know that I would want to go through it again. OH WAIT. We might have to :/

  4. Ah yes, the ubiquitous "sick people." Chatterboxes, those guys.