Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Medical Resolutions

  • hear the word "discharge" without wincing.
  • stop retorting sarcastically, "Oh, is that your medical opinion?" when my husband says something dumb.
  • learn what the hell a [insert dinner time medical subject of the day] is.
  • stop teasing my husband for finishing half a book in a the time it takes me to read five.
  • stop complaining about holidays spent apart and embrace the ones we actually get to spend together - who says MLK Jr wouldn't have wanted us to dress up and go out to a fancy dinner in his honor?
  • teach at least one person that my husband is not in med school, and he's not going to be a doctor -- he is one. Then, have them actually remember at our next conversation. 


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  2. This is such a great idea! Love it already.

    Here are my medical resolutions:

    1. Stop asking him about whether or not he's going to do a fellowship.
    2. Enjoy the time we do get together, even if it means taking a nap while he sleeps on a day off.
    3. Organize the medical journals that are taking over our apartment.
    4. Work on not rolling my eyes when people exclaim "Oh, how lucky you married a doctor! I bet he's a great help when you're sick!"

    1. Totally stealing your organization idea. I've had an idea pinned for organizing all of the medical textbooks we have in our house... I need to get on that!

  3. Hi Friends!! (new & well-loved) So happy to see you all :)

    Resolutions from a 3rd year med-student's wife:

    - remember that someday these will be the "good ole days"
    - figure out some way to get him a second (and third, and fourth) white coat so I don't have to be constantly washing his current one!
    - plan something good for when he's done with the dreaded Step.

    1. Somehow I got lucky and Y was so protective of his white coat he wouldn't let me wash it!

      I can't wait to hear what you plan!!

  4. Amazing idea!

    MSIII resolutions:

    *try to be patient when I have to explain the whole process of medical school to people. I once had no idea how it worked either!
    *stop saying that he "observes" in the hospital. I know he isn't just standing around watching, but I don't know how to explain that he pays to "work" in there, still is a student, not in class and not a resident.
    *stop joking with B that we live in squalor. We really don't, we just live very, very simply.
    *live in the now! We aren't just getting through medical school and waiting for our lives to start. THIS is our life and it is pretty great the vast majority of the time.

    1. I've decided that after med school it gets slightly easier to explain what's going on because you can relate it to TV shows. Intern year = season 1 of grey's anatomy or Scrubs. Apparently people watch(ed) those shows. Who knew?!

      "THIS is our life and it is pretty great the vast majority of the time" -- so true!!

  5. Love this blog idea - I just want to be more patient to my boyfriend as he finishes up MSII and begins rotations for MSIII. And be scarce while he's studying for Step One.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year!! Welcome! So glad I found your blog the other day :)

  6. Great blog!

    *help others understand his schedule as he misses most social functions
    *embrace his days off even if its a Tuesday!
    *love the journey as it is flying by (1.5 yrs until he finishes "school" aka: residency...That one is for you D!

  7. I really love this post! You have inspired me to create my own and I will be linking back to your blog :)

  8. "My husband still wears a pager" - HA. Actually sometimes mine has a lineup of about 3 on the waistband of his scrubs. Super cool.

    My current resolution is to get him a slightly more well-rounded life so that when I excitedly ask him "what do you want to do on your whole weekend off?!" he says something besides "sleep."