Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flashback: January 19-25

I've been blogging about this weird med school/residency journey for almost three years. Every Friday, I'll bring you insight from years past (you know, in case you missed my oh-so-important recap of med school prom or what have you).

Two years ago (Y is a 3rd year, delivering babies 3 hours away):

Three years ago (Y was just a wee second year!)

What medical adventures were you getting into one year ago this week? Two years ago? 5 years ago? Share your link in the comments!


  1. My post a year ago today was about job hunting of all things! Why does that topic keep coming up? I wonder :-)

  2. One year ago B was studying for STEP I while we lived at his parents house for eight. months. We also complained about how *cold* it was in California. We had nooooooo idea. :D

    1. ha I am laughing at any former version of me who ever said she was cold!

  3. Last year we were trying to decide between staying in Dominica OR moving to Miami for his 5th semester/Step1 Prep: {We ended up staying in Dominica!}