Tuesday, January 8, 2013

shit residents say #1

it's the new hi honey, i'm home!


  1. Ha! Hilarious. We've been out of the country so I was excited to see this new venture :)

  2. This is amazing. I showed Jared, and he responded, "No, no no. This is all wrong. As long as they die by 4:00 you can be home by 5:00. It's when they LINGER close to death after 4:00 that really causes issues." Okay then. :)

  3. And while we're at it, here's another one for you (Shit Residents Say)... Anytime I ask Jared a medical question, he responds with, "I don't know. Google it." Is this normal?!

    1. I get a similar response, usually something along the lines of, "What do I look like, a doctor or something?"

      To be fair, it's usually because I'm asking him about things that aren't covered in his specialty or have no answer, for example: "What can I do to not have this cold any more? You know, like an immediate remedy."

  4. Haha Meghann, that is totally the case. Whenever I ask him something he's like, "eh?" *shrug*