Tuesday, January 15, 2013

shit residents say #2

Y actually said this to me the other day.

But then I remembered that the internet has developed a way to make mundane -- even strange -- comments seem romantic.

Thank you, internet.

Apparently, it was meant as a compliment and means I have prominent neck muscles. 

Whatever -- it was awkward.


  1. Ryan Gosling could say anything to me and I'd eat it up ;)

  2. Amazing! Just learned about your blog and am loving it. -Wife of a second year CT surgery resident

  3. HAHA I agree with Miss Liabilities! What ever Ryan says goes ;)

  4. I was once complaining of a sore throat and my husband finally and reluctantly got his pen light out, told me to say "ahh" and looked down my throat. Suddenly his face brightened and he said, "I bet you would be amazing to intubate!" <3 Thanks babe